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Alberto Biancofiore
Alberto Biancofiore is the Director of the Radar Detectives investigation agency, which has been carrying out information gathering and investigations in the commercial, industrial, family and legal fields since 1986.

Radar Detectives works in close contact with several companies.
The professionalism acquired and the knowledge of the most sought-after technological instruments allows Radar Detectives to be one of the most competent agencies in the sector.

Managers, businessmen, professionals, as well as husbands, wives and families, can find the right solutions to the many problems they face in their work or during their daily life.

In order to get to know the agency better, we briefly interviewed Alberto Biancofiore, owner of Radar Detectives since 1986.

How would you describe your agency?
A carefully selected and trained team of true experts that has been conducting investigations in all sectors for over 20 years.

How important is professionalism in your sector?
It certainly makes up 75% of investigative activity and of security. I would assign the remaining 25% to intuition, an innate quality that becomes increasingly sharper throughout the years. This is why we are so demanding in the selection of our personnel.

When did you first think of opening an agency in the investigation field?
It had always been a dream of mine; at least, I think so – being the son of a general in the carabinieri (Italian military police) with a 40-year career in security and intelligence, who even carried out important assignments for the SETAF American bases in Italy.

What is the relationship between technology and investigation techniques?
It’s an indissoluble bond; there would be no evolution in investigative methods without investments in research and technological development.
We have never stopped investing, and the results can be seen clearly: better team organization, the ability to find evidence faster, reliability and extreme accuracy of results.

Does this mean that you are able to work and to offer your services abroad as well?
Certainly; this is an added value that we are able to offer our clients. The agency operates directly worldwide, thanks to our native speaking staff who know how to operate even in the most delicate and complex situations.

What does having custom-made services mean for an investigation agency?
It means offering the clients precisely those services which are indispensable for the results they need. In this field, one has to be able to listen, discuss and understand the problems that appear, as well as to plan the strategy which will be the most efficient for the client, whether the client is an important agency, a law firm, an insurance company or a private individual.

Naturally all of our investigations are carried out according to regulations and by assignment.
Documento senza titolo
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